HAP Training Library


New Hire Orientation

Trainings for new hires that are required by state and licensed annually

Licensing and Re-Training

HAP Training Library

Trainings that were created in–house and will be assigned on an as needed basis

Milestone HCQU West

A Virtual Walk in My Shoes/Strategies for Efficiency and Time Management

Considerations and Support for Those with IDD when Confronting Death/When it Just Hurts: Supporting A Person with An Intellectual Disability Through Grief

Dementia: Capable Care of Adults with ID and Dementia/Dementia: Changes that Can Affect Health and Safety

Eating Disorders/Trauma and Treatment: Healing Towards Recovery

Geriatric Syndrome/Older Adults and Medication/Hearing Loss

Promoting Skin Integrity/Thyroid Disease

The Power of Laughter/The Joy of Life and the Pain of Loss: Strategies for Coping, Surviving, Thriving

Urinary Tract Infections/Kidney Stones: The Basics

Why do you do that? Understanding Executive Functioning