The Krakoff Center

Adult Training Facility

Our Program Model

Our program model combines community involvement that is specific to each individual’s interests with internal programming focusing on health & wellness, creative expression, daily & practical living skills, and leisure activities.

Our Community

We are enthusiastic advocates of our local community and are always looking to develop ties with local businesses as well as to cultivate mutually fulfilling community partnerships.

Our Home Base

The focus of The Krakoff Center is on lifelong learning. We work with each individual to develop a plan of goals and activities specific to their needs and desires. The goals are met through internal programs designed to increase vocational skill development, social engagement, daily living skills, health, wellness, and creative expression. We believe in and promote community participation; therefore, we make every effort to ensure the individuals attending the training center spend a minimum of 25% of their time in the community. The balance of both internal and community programming has allowed individuals to prosper and grow while also developing natural community supports.

“Remember what it felt like to be excluded so that you can help build a community where everyone is included.”

Lisa Friedman

Beaver County YMCA

Community Partner – HAP Individuals are proud members of The Beaver County YMCA. Through their membership, they have the option to attend classes and utilize the pool as well as all other amenities offered by the local YMCA facility.

Intersections Wellness

Community Partner – Movement, Yoga and Music. Individuals practice gentle hatha yoga with offered chair modifications; mindful breathing techniques and mindfulness skills along with freestyle dance and movement to their favorite music.

Muddy Rose Pottery

Community Partner – Individuals have an opportunity for creative expression through scheduled sessions at Muddy Rose Pottery & Wood Cellar. Students learn hand molding and throwing on the pottery wheel, along with woodworking utilizing adaptive power equipment.

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