Pull-Out Programs

Individuals attend each of these programs at least once/week.

Culinary Arts - In this program individuals learn about healthy eating and how to prepare meals. They have discussions and hands on opportunities to make different foods and learn about them. They learn measuring skills, kitchen safety, and best of all get to sample the foods that they have made.

Information Technology - In this program, individuals learn computer skills. The program is tailored to each individual so no matter what the person's prior experience with computers is they can participate. This program offers opportunities for individuals to learn everything from turning a computer on to typing memos and utilizing various computer programs.

Ceramics & Pottery - In this program individuals get an opportunity to pour various ceramics items, bake them in a kiln, and paint them. They also have an opportunity to utilize a pottery wheel and make items on it.

Physical Fitness - Individuals have an opportunity to exercise and stay in shape in this program. They have access to fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bicycles, free weights, adaptive equipment, leg presses, and much more.

Sensory Room - This program is designed to help individuals relax and take a break during their day. It has massaging chairs, black lighting, neon lights, tactile objects, aromatherapy, and much more. The individuals enter this room in groups of 1-3 people at a time to ensure the most relaxing experience for all.

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