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The Training Center promotes a "Whole Person Focus" by offering activities that span a broad range of interests. We believe that in order for each person to be successful and happy in their community, they must have opportunities to explore many different types of activities and environments.

Daily Activities:

Academics - Individuals work on reading and writing skills, math skills, geography, science, and current events activities. They incorporate individualized activities, group activities, lectures, and hands-on learning into this program to teach the individuals skills that will help them become more independent.

Activities of Daily Living - This program teaches life skills that are important for independence. The individuals learn skills such as personal hygiene and grooming, bed making, cleaning, washing laundry, sorting, and washing dishes to name a few.

Vocational Skills - In this program, individuals learn skills necessary to prepare them for employment in the future. They learn many work skills such as interviewing, proper dress for employment, social norms of the workplace, grocery packing, doing mailings, stapling/unstapling documents, using tools correctly, etc. Those who wish to earn money can also do so in this program. The Training Center pays individuals for many tasks around the center and also provides contract work for those who are interested.

Arts/Crafts - In this program, individuals have the opportunity to make age-appropriate crafts that they can take home with them and enjoy. They participate in activities such as painting, stenciling, drawing, cutting, pasting, stringing jewelry, and much more.

Socialization/Music - This program combines music appreciation with activities designed to teach socialization skills. Individuals learn social skills that enable them to participate in their communities. They also learn about different styles of music, different instruments, and have opportunities to sing and discuss their favorite types/styles of music. This program is a favorite of many of our individuals!

HAP Training Center
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