Preschool Early Intervention

Eligible children from age three until they enter kindergarten may receive early intervention services at Tiny Tot Child Development Center on Jackson Street in Rochester, PA. An Individualized Educational Program is carried out for children within the preschool classrooms where children participate in small and large group activities with typical peers. Children with disabilities or developmental delays benefit from the regular curriculum and learn much through interactions and imitating other children.

Developmental Specialists and other therapists provide specially designed individual and group instruction to help children develop functional skills that will prepare them for school age programs. Special emphasis is placed on language and social interactions. Therapists work in the classroom to teach children within a natural context and to provide consultation to teachers and assistant teachers.

In collaboration with the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit and The Watson Institute, Tiny Tot Child Development Center became an accredited site for the LEAP (Learning Experiences - An Alternative Program for Preschoolers and Their Parents) in the fall of 2002. Proven to be effective through years of research, the key components of the program are:

  • » Integrated Preschool
  • » Developmentally Appropriate
  • » Naturalistic Teaching
  • » Focus on Communication and Social Skills
  • » Family Services

Preschool Early Intervention services are funded by the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit.

Tiny Tot Child Development Center
393 Adams Street
Rochester, PA 15074
Phone: 724-774-4140


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