Individualized Pull-Out Programs

Individuals can choose to participate in any of these programs during the last period of the day.

Walking & Stretching - Individuals have an opportunity to exercise by stretching and walking. The walk inside, outside, and at various parks in the area.

Sewing / Knitting / Crocheting - In this program individuals learn how to sew, crosstich, knit, and crochet. Those who already know how to do these activities can learn more advanced skills and make new materials using the skills they learn.

Baking & Selling - This program is a continuation of the Culinary Arts program where individuals make various food items and sell them to others. They not only get to practice their cooking skills in this program but also get to work on money skills as well.

Team Sports - In this program individuals get the opportunity to play sports such as basketball, floor hockey, softball, football, kickball, and many other team activities. It provides an excellent opportunity for socialization through sports.

Adaptive Physical Activities - This program was designed for individuals who are in wheelchairs. All of the activities were developed for those who are in a wheelchair and enable them to gain exercise in a setting where everyone is participating in the same activities.

Cooperative Activities - In this program the individuals have an opportunity to play games that target socialization skills, teamwork, and are just plain fun! The individuals who choose this program play card and board games in a fun, relaxed environment.

Vocational Skills & Horticulture - This program is a continuation of the Vocational Skills program offered in the daily rotation. Individuals who choose this program work on tasks such as shredding, garbage collection, can crushing and recycling, cleaning activities, washing busses, and other paid activities. They also have the opportunity to plant items, pick weeds and water plants. The individuals receive a paycheck for all items completed during this program.

Advanced Information Technology - In this program individuals learn advanced computer skills such as how to email and to use the Internet. They also learn basic office skills like typing a letter, memo, etc.

Ceramics & Pottery - Those who truly enjoy the ceramics pull-out program can choose to attend it more often. This is a continuation of that program for those who want to attend it more than once per week.

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