HAP Enterprises

HAP Enterprises, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities; early childhood education to young children of all abilities; and programs designed to meet the needs of senior citizens and their families.

HAP is supported through funds from Beaver County Mental Health/Mental Retardation, the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit, the Beaver County Office on Aging, and Payment Agent Services, a division of BCRC, Inc.

Mission Statement

Mission HAP is committed to providing support to individuals as they gain personal independence at home and in their communities. For the human spirit to triumph over ignorance and intolerance, we believe people must be:


  • » treated with dignity and respect
  • » the architect of their own future
  • » able to advocate for their dreams and beliefs
  • » the key participants in all decisions effecting every aspect of their lives
  • » given the opportunity for full inclusion in employment, education, and community life
  • » provided the opportunities and experiences to develop skills that lead to increased independence and self-esteem.

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